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Gauge & Compass will manage your project from conception to completion.


We offer Project Management, Cost Consultancy, and also secondment of Commercial & Contract Management trained staff.

Further information can be read using the link below. Alternatively, please contact us directly and we will explain how we can meet your specific requirements.


Gauge & Compass has been involved in a plethora of projects covering a multitude of disciplines and construction techniques.


Strategies implemented by G&C are designed to minimise our clients' exposure to risk and are regularly adopted into their standard operating procedures.

Details of some of our previous undertakings can be found on our Projects page. 


Commitment to our clients is at the core of our philosophy. Focus on understanding the objectives of our clients allows us to tailor our approach to deliver the product best suited to their needs.

With a client base including commercial organisations, main contractors, sub contractors and private clients we able to offer unparalleled perspective.



Gauge & Compass was incorporated in 2016 predominately to provide quantity surveying services to the London construction industry for commercial projects. Through referrals alone Gauge & Compass has expanded to provide services in business planning and project management to all manner of clients. Although predominantly in London, Gauge & Compass is now working on a variety of projects throughout the UK. Gauge & Compass has provided proactive and cost-effective support which has improved the growth and profitability of its clients'. As Gauge & Compass expands both its commitment to clients and realising the potential of the people that make up the team will remain the core priority.



49-51 Bancroft,

Hitchin, SG5 1LL


T: +44 (0)20 3773 9330

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